Review: Trifecta, Mumbai

Every month hundreds of restaurants are born in Mumbai, and then even before you can begin to remember names they shut and are replaced by something else. Most of them are just run of a mill places with nothing exceptional to offer, the rest just can’t keep up with the original standards. So, in Mumbai more than any other place I tend to feel most sceptical about trying out new places and least of all getting attached to them. Situated conveniently on Juhu Tara road in the Hotel Royal Garden,Trifecta which has replaced Opa is the latest entrant into the Mumbai culinary scene.This multi-cuisine restaurant has neo-modern interiors with the option of either lounge style seating outside or an elegantly designed indoor area with wooden interiors.Over-all nothing extraordinary so far. All that changed once we started tasting the food.


Trifecta offers a large 10 page menu with three cuisines namely North Indian, Oriental and Continental with carefully selected dishes and a large selection of cocktails. We started with cocktails namely Pina Colada and a Manhattan. The cocktails were perfect, in fact they could give the best bartenders in the city a run for their money.Then on the advice of the manager, we ordered for a Non-veg(Indian) platter which had small portions of koliwada fish, chicken kali mirch kebab, chicken pudina kebab, chicken acahri kebab, chicken reshmi, chicken tikka, fish tikka and mutton seekh kebab. The kebabs were tender and reminded us of lakhnawi kebabs which are some of the best kebab’s in the country.


After that we decided to go for second round of drinks before ordering main course. Impressed by the bartender’s skills, we now were greedy and wanted more. So we ordered for a classic margarita as we continued to relish the appetizers. We then entered the major dilemma for the evening-what to order for mains from the vast menu? This time we decided to savour the continental and oriental flavours. So we called for chicken khao suey and Jamaican jerk chicken.The flavours of both was authentic and mesmerizing. So we requested to personally compliment the executive chef Mr. Sandy. Having 13 years of culinary experience under his sleeves, he informed us that the secret behind such delicious food is that they prepare most of the ingredients in-house instead of going for artificial flavours from stores. And then although we were bursting, he tempted us to try the Mousse cake and we were really glad that we did so, as it was delish! So if you are in the area we definitely recommend you to drop in and have a meal at Trifecta.

1.70gms Fresh Onion
2.50gms Fresh Garlic
3.25gms Fresh Ginger
4.20gms Green Chilly
5.10gms Thai Ginger(Galngal)
6.10gms Basil Leaves
7.25ml Refined Oil
8.120ml Coconut Milk
9.15gms Broccalli
10.15gms Mushroom
11.15gms Babycorn
12.15gms zucchini
13.5gms Madras Cyrry powder
14.10gms Silken Tofu
15.5gms Salt

1.10gms Fried Garlic
2.10gms Fried Onion
3.10gms Crushed peanuts
4.10gmsChilly Flakes
5.10gms Chopped Celery
6.10gms Chopped Green Chilly
7.10gms Lemon Wedages
8.10gms Chopped Coriander
9.10gms Chopped Spring Onion
10.10gms Sliced Onion

First Of All Grind This Ingredients Like Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilly, Thai Ginger(galangal)and Make a smooth paste, then heat the pan put some oil then put few fresh basil Stair Well Add Smooth Paste Cook For Few Minutes Then Add Coconut Milk And Stair Well Until The Paste And Coconut Milk Mix Properly ,Give The Seasoning ,After That Add All Vegetable With Tofu . Garnish With Fresh Basil And Serve With Flat Rice Noodles Or Steam Rice And Condiments.


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