Tete’ a tete with Sarah Lavoine

SARAH LAVOINEFor ten years, Sarah Lavoine has developed unique interiors, filled with warmth, energy, shadow and light.Created in 2002, her agency manages the interior design for all kinds of renovation sites, both public and private places. Sarah received a strict training at the interior design agency of her mother, Sabine Marchal, before joining the interior architect firm of Francois Schmidt. There, she developed a taste for contemporary aesthetics. At present, the experienced professional is making a name for herself in the world of interior design.A born colourist, Sarah Lavoine uses her colour palette with virtuosity to structure space, making the decor beat like the rhythm of a drum. Sarah Lavoine constructs each and every detail of a luxurious and warm home situated in the heart of lively and energetic towns. We love her work and even featured her house here and we got a chance to have a small tete’a tete with here, here it is StyleCity in Conversation with Sarah Lavoine.

sarah_lavoine_showroom. www.stylecity.in

StyleCity: Define Style. What do you think make a house/room stylish?
Sarah:Style is impossible to define. What constitutes style varies for everyone – it is a personal thing. For me, I would define my style as contemporary, but warm and timeless at the same time.
StyleCity:What is the one detail that can add or retract from a room?
Sarah:Lighting is essential – it is important to decrease the points of indirect light, use subdued lighting and lots of candles. Art is also an essential element in creating the atmosphere of a room. Nothing is more depressing than a blank wall.
StyleCity:What is the best way to add glamour to a space?
Sarah:Again, the lighting is very important, and beautiful materials and natural pieces always help make a space glamorous. The biggest mistake people make is trying to get the ‘total look’. Avoid the total look at all costs.
StyleCity:What is your inspiration for your designs?
Sarah:I find inspiration everywhere  – every painting I see in a museum, every photo in a gallery, every trip I go on, hotels….
StyleCity:Any particular colour or family of colours you tend to lean towards?
Sarah:I like to play around with colours and try out new ideas. My preferences are white and black with certain touches of strong colours. My favourite colour is black though, I like its impact and depth. It is soothing, and above all you can pair it with bright, bold colours.
StyleCity:How would you do up your own personal space?
Sarah:I like to add personal touches to my own spaces, and the only way to do so is to straight away hang up paintings, photos, mirrors. I have lots of objects from all over – I am very much somebody who buys on impulse, plus I love contemporary art. And I love to mix pieces. Fabrice Hyber, Araki etc. In general, I always have a bright sitting room and a dark sitting room.
StyleCity:Favourite interior/product designers?
Sarah:Hedi Slimane is by far my favourite designer. First of all for his kindness. Emmanuelle Alt introduced me to him years ago, and I have always really admired his intelligence and creativity.
StyleCity:What era/year according to you was most inspiring for interiors/you would have liked to live in
Sarah:I love the modernist period, but unfortunately it’s a bit overdone, which is why I’m not a fan of trends. I love timeless things, a mixture, mixing styles and periods.
StyleCity:What will be your luxurious buy for 2013?
Sarah:I work very much on impulse so I am not sure as yet!
StyleCity:Any design Faux-Pas by you would like to erase from your past?

For more details or to get in touch with Sarah, click here.

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