The Serigraph Studio- a limited edition art studio

We all want to own some amazing art but let’s be honest not many of us can afford to do so. Well, here is a revolutionary concept in the Contemporary Indian Art arena, The Serigraph Studio bodies a nouveau model called serigraphy. Conceived by art collector Lavesh Jagasia, the core focus of the studio lies in publishing of Contemporary Indian Fine Prints. The Serigraph covers genres such as figurative, landscape, seascape, portraiture, abstract, still life.The Serigraph Studio collaborates with artists to Publish, Release and Distribute a complete edition of such Fine Art prints which are signed by the artists and printed by him or under his supervision in a Limited Edition exclusively for ‘The Serigraph Studio’ thereby making available and accessible to art collectors high quality, genuine works of art each accompanied with a certificate of Authenticity through its Online and Offline Resources.

The Serigraph Studio- 6 The Serigraph Studio- 4

This newly opened limited edition art studio is the casa of art of 8 renowned masters that includes the likes of JEHANGIR SABAVALA, SAKTI BURMAN, JOGEN CHOWDHURY, S.H. RAZA, RAM KUMAR, PARITOSH SEN, GANESH HALIO, LALU PRASAD SHAW. In addition to the 8 artists, in the current year the studio plans to launch and add a few more noted artists to their repertoire of serigraphs.“They are not exact photographic replication of the original paintings, there is something different done on the print to preserve the authenticity of the print. Each print is limited edition & is signed by the artist and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. With time, Fine Art Prints that are well looked after, do appreciate in value.”- Lavesh Jagasia

The Serigraph Studio- 1 The Serigraph Studio- 77

A perfect token for art aficionados, Serigraphs are affordable as compared to the expensive original art which is either already taken or is too expensive to be acquired. Once all the limited edition serigraphs of a particular artist are sold out there opens a secondary market that brings in the appreciation for that particular serigraph.

For further details
The Serigraph Studio
#1 Sunbeam Apartments, Perry cross-road, Ahead of the Bagel Shop, Bandra-west, Mumbai-50

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