Tete’ a tete with Lekha Washington

Earlier this year when I was looking for furniture for a shoot at Pallate in Mumbai and I came across this really quirky chair called the SINK Chair. I honestly thought it was EDRA’s latest collection till Merlin my friend and manager told me that it was in fact designed by an Indian girl called Lekha Washington, who is an actor and recently designed and launched her collection. Unfortunately I could not use the chair in my shoot as I needed a less contemporary chair but I did mention it in my blog in one of my initial style picks here. Anyway, I did more research on Lekha Washington and her designs and it turns out she has a whole line of original designs and collections which are unique in its conception and utility. Other pieces in the range include Peel, Drop, Squair and Dot. The Multi-faceted and talented Lekha is has a master degree in design from NID and also has an association with the French embroider Jean Francois Lesage, who is famous for his embroidery work for hi-end brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I for one love the 70’s Mojo in the designs and would love to own a few pieces especially the sink chair.We caught up with Lekha recently and had a little chat with her to discover more of her style secrets.


StyleCity-Define Style. What do you think make a house/room stylish?
Lekha-Style really is a very personal thing, defined by the person who manifests it. It can’t be prescribed and followed to the tee, that would be fashion.
StyleCity-What is your inspiration for your designs?
LekhaI’m inspired by the things I love- art, design, graphic novels, great conversation and good food.
StyleCity-Any particular colour or family of colours you tend to lean towards?
Lekha-My Sink Collection is high pop- Katy Perry would be proud! But in general I’m a more muted shades sort of person. I guess the colour is really dictated by the form it best complements.
StyleCity– How would you do up your own personal space?
Lekha-Comfy and quirky with soul.
StyleCity– What is the one detail that can add or retract from a room?
Lekha– Details themselves add or retract from a space. Too little of this too much of that, or a small detail that undermines the entire setup. The vibe of a space, however, is the people in it, so no matter how trashy the environs, it can still be cool filled with people you like.
StyleCity-What is the best way to add glamour to a space?
Lekha-Get Brad pitt inside it 😉
StyleCity-Favourite interior/product designers?
Lekha-Ron Arad, perhaps. Anish Kapoor, although he is an artist, does have a way of transforming a space!
StyleCity-What era/year according to you was most inspiring for interiors/you would have liked to live in.
Lekha-This one! 🙂

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