Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Photographs by Georgi Djalev

So Oktoberfest is definitely on my Bucketlist. I am sure there are lots of others who agree with me on this, so while I don’t know when I will get my own personal experience but my younger brother who is currently studying in Barcelona did manage to go with his class-mates this year during the last weekend of the fest. So I ofcourse asked him for pictures. As you can imagine the first week after they got back was a no-show. Then when I finally did get pictures they sent me 500 to choose from and the little write-up I asked for about the fest came like this
Now let’s be honest I did go through the photos and selected 10 but it is inhumane to ask me to go through all the history to come up with 5 lines. And frankly most of us just love to party so we hardly need an occasion. So here are a few pictures with story from my younger brother Sushant. Enjoy them and hopefully we all get to visit on our own next year!

The evening sky over the Oktoberfest tents.
As insane as it seems, that huge ride is quite a dangerous contraption when one is sober, let alone after 6 litres of beer. So the big slope actually has a rather fast conveyor belt on which you stand (everyone fails and falls flat), you get to the top and then slide down a whirlwind from two storeys high. Try doing this after a day of beer – I did, I fell and I came down happier, ready for more beers.
(Left)Blake Larson, my classmate and friend from the States. He reached Munich a day before us and as is evident was considerably drunk in every photo.(Right) My German friend sorted out bookings and this was the first day. The tent was rather small but had great food and amazing beer.
This ferris wheel was humongous. The photo is not giving the size of the ride its due.
In the streets of Munich, during Oktoberfest one sees this carriage of beer kegs. It’s a symbol to show how beer was transported back in the day and during Oktoberfest they try to showcase some of that history throughout the city. Ze zermans love their beer, clearly.
Our tent on Saturday, the day before Oktoberfest comes to an end. An insane tent with approximately 5000 people packed in. There is something rather energizing seeing 5000 people sing, dance, drink and move to music in unison. This tent was playing a lot of German tunes but even crowd pleaser’s from the 80’s and early 90’s. One of the best nights ever.
Aahh, the group towards the end of the night. After all the jumping, eating, drinking, singing – this was the moment caught on camera where everyone seems to be taking a breather. Maybe the DJ was changing his discs. It was a well needed break! (Thats my brother in the middle. Aww!)

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