Review: Club Czar

During my college days in Delhi, we did not have a lot of night clubs. Well that is a lie, we did have a decent number of night clubs but most of them were in hotels which meant too expensive and a very strict age limit, also the fact that back then it was really difficult to convince parents to let us go out at night. So at that time arose the era of going to clubs in the day. These were mostly stand alone clubs that had come up in the usual teenage hangout spots, mostly popular markets and movie hall venues and offered great deals on everything from food to alcohol and ofcourse the major trend back then “hookahs”. So when I walked into Club Czar one Tuesday afternoon a few weeks back that is exactly where I was transported in time i.e my college days.

Club Czar in Saket district of New Delhi really reminded me of my college days, firstly cause it was an actual club, not a pub or lounge with dark interiors and funky lighting fixtures, complete with LED lighting and automated bar and a projector screen and ofcourse a dance floor. The club has been given an industrial look with a separate VIP room, there was a pink room with graphics all over the walls and a mezzanine VIP area in the middle of the club. Even during the day, there was a DJ playing and the club was absolutely full. Yup! all the tables were full and people came and went throughout the time that I sat at the club. The club does an equal amount of business at night I am told by the manager and weekends you need to be on the guest list if you don’t want to pay entry(WOW!).
The first thing I noticed was that every table had atleast one Hookah on the table, which surprised me as Hookahs are no longer allowed in public places, but I was assured by the manager that these were herbal hookahs, so my friend and I went ahead and called for one. Now I don’t know the difference between an herbal and non-herbal hookah but the Paan flavoured Hookah we called for was quite good. The other thing we saw on almost all tables were Beer Towers, for those of you who don’t know what that is its like a tall tower which contains two-three litres of beer. This we skipped cause after all it was a weekday afternoon and we were there to do a review not get drunk, so we called in for a cocktail each. The cocktails had the usual list of LIIT, Blue Lagoon, Margarita’s, Martini’s etc. Obviously more importance was given to the Beer and Hard Liquor which is what my friend shifted to after he had one LIIT.

From here we moved on to food because honestly in a club with loud music it does get a little difficult to have conversation and since I could not really get drunk at 2 in the afternoon, as much as I would have loved to, but perils of writing reviews I need to remember exactly what went down, food seemed like the next best thing. So we ordered a variety of starters like the Melange of mushrooms, Czar Mezze platter, Pickled chicken Bruchetta and Harissa chicken skewers. The best out of these were the Melange of mushrooms which we finished till the last morsel. By now the music, the hookah and alcohol had given both me and my friends quite a buzz and we were really enjoying the place and had begun to forget it was actually middle of the afternoon and not night. After a bit we got a bit hungry so we decided to call for the main course, which was brilliant. The starters were alright but the Main course was amazing especially since I did not expect that from a night club or day club. Each table I could see had a pizza so I decided to call in for a Pepperoni Pizza, A chicken Shawarma and Caribbean Barbeque chicken. All in all, it is a night club so would mostly recommend you check it out at night, they have different music on different nights, apparently they do an Arabian Sufi night on wednesdays and definitely do try the Hookah and eat atleast a pizza if you can’t get down for dinner. Besides that if you happen to be around during lunch stop by to revisit college days, unless you are in college then well have a blast!

Club Czar: G-9, Salcon Rasvillas, D-1, District Center, Saket, New Delhi, Tel:8527880303
Average Cost of Meal for 2: Rs. 1100 ++ (with beer)/Rs.700 without


Preparation time: 12-15 min (Serves 2)


·        200g Button Mushroom

·        30g Shiitake Mushroom

·        15g Porcini Mushroom

·        15g Garlic (chopped)

·        15g Onion (chopped)

·        150g Spinach (blanched and finely chopped)

·        10g Olive black

·        10g Dried Tomato

·        2g Basil

·        10ml White Wine

·        A pinch of Chilli Flakes

·        Seasoning  to taste


·         Cut button mushrooms one into four.

·         Pour olive oil in frying pan and add garlic, onion and mushroom.

·         Now add white wine and chilli flakes and cook it for 4-5 minutes.

·         Add shiitake and porcini mushroom and cook in high flame.

·         Sauté the spinach properly.

·         Keep separate and use mold for presentation.

·         Garnish with black olive, sundried tomato and parsley springs.

Carribean Barbeque Chicken:


·         220g Chicken Breast

·         60g Pineapple slice

·         30g American corn

·         80g Exotic vegetables

·         60g Brown sugar

·         25g BBQ sauce

·        Seasoning according to taste

·         15g Garlic

·         10ml Red Wine

·         20ml Olive oil

·         10g Dijon mustard

·         10 g Butter


·         Marinate chicken breast with Dijon mustard garlic paste, BBQ sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper for 30 minutes.

·         Cut vegetables in baton shape and marinate in BBQ sauce with sliced pineapple.

·         Grill the marinated chicken breast for 5-8 minutes along with marinated sliced pineapple.

·         Heat oil in a heavy based frying pan and sauté vegetables 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat. Add some sauté American corn and seasoning. All above preparation arrange in plate according for sauce.

·         Heat pan and make Carribean BBQ sauce by pouring brown sauce, red wine and BBQ sauce cooked on medium heat sauce. Finish it with butter; pour BBQ sauce on chicken breast.

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