Beauty Ritual: Mystic Spa, New Delhi

TREATMENT: Water Bed treatment, 60mins, Rs.3000
LOCATION: Mystic Spa, Greater Kailash ll

Spas have always been considered something of a luxury treat. So much so that until a few years ago the only Spa treatments available were those at hotels or else if one was to travel abroad. For the rest of us we had to make do with an occasional head massage at our regular parlour and wait for the shoulder massage which comes complimentary or maybe an Ayurvedic massage if one went to Goa or Kerala. So as you can imagine a Spa enthusiast like myself is more than happy with the current range and availability of Spas but I was even more excited when I got a chance to review Mystic Spa’s latest branch in Delhi. The reason being Mystic Spa promoted by Mystic cures has over 10 years in R&D and managing spas of some of the leading five-star hotels in Delhi and NCR, and also providing products to various chains like Taj, Hyatt and Sheraton. So even though I never got a chance to visit any of the Spas managed by them I got a chance to visit one run by them.

The newly opened branch I visited is situated in GK 2 market has four treatment rooms which are used for all the spa treatments that include a variety of massages, scrubs, wraps and even facials. As I mentioned earlier Mystic cures provides Spa products to various five-star hotels, hence it is their in-house oils which are used for the treatments including Relaxing oils, Oils for muscle pains, Skin care and various aroma oils. Anyway I decide I want to go in for the Water bed therapy, because though I know what a water-bed is I always imagined it to be one of those funky things some people sleep on and had no idea how one can use it for therapy but apparently you can and I was about to find out. Water massage Bed allows to choose among different treatments like Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi which can be combined to the four chromo-therapy treatments: Harmonizing, Energizing, Revitalizing, and Colours, which thank to various colour change options, give an overall total of 12 treatments. I decided to go ahead with the Swedish massage.

The first thing when I step in I am handed a small Jute bag which has various things to be used during the session and can be then taken home. It contains a small Loofah, Slippers, Comb, Shower cap and even a small snack bar for after the treatment. The Swedish massage as well all know is a popular massage for relaxing sore and tired muscles. I had selected Sandalwood oil for my treatment, which has sunflower as the base oil and helps to calm and soothe ones emotions. So anyway I am made to lie down on my stomach on the water mattress as my therapist starts her massage. As she kneads her my muscles I realise the full effect of this treatment cause the pressure she puts on my body puts a reverse pressure from the bed so with each movement I feel like I am getting a massage from both sides. This process continues throughout and my body feels nicely relaxed and massaged. So my blissful 60 minutes go very nicely and peacefully. And as always time flies much to quickly when one is enjoying themselves. So my treatment ends and I go in for a shower and finally leave the Spa after having some green tea and ofcourse with my Good bag or whatever remains of it. I am really dying to try out their Spa facials which sound awesome. So look out for my review on those.

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