Travel: Pattaya, Thailand

Hello from Thailand I just reached Bangkok after two days at Pattaya. Have decided to do a photo essay of my Thailand  trip unless I manage to do a proper review, you will definitely read about that. Till then hope you like my pictures.

The view from my Hotel room at Royal Cliff Hotels. I love the view, Sun, sand and water all for me to wake up to. Check out the pool.

A close up of the pool. So pretty the ocean beyond makes it look like infinite sea from this angle.


Walking street at Pattaya. As we reached Pattaya only by 9 pm we decided to go down to the walking street and check it out. Check out these cool sign boards you can purchase. Funky, definite Style pick.

I loved the car which was used at the entrance as decor. No clue how they managed to suspend it on the wall but it looks super cool and funky. (Sorry for the blurred picture I was using a regular digital camera)


Our dinner place J’Noy. Love the chandeliers. You can also buy fresh sea food to cook at your home.


We sat outside by the water to eat dinner. Look at that cool Pattaya sign at the back.

A few of my friends having dinner which mostly comprised of sea food and was delicious, except we look exhausted cause well we had just flown in earlier that day.

Hemingway Terrace: Chilling at this shack by the beach.

I got a foot massage at the beach well cause whats the point of being in Thailand and not getting one. Thats me with the lady who gave me the massage, I am genuinely feeling the bliss you see on my face.

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