Director’s Cut

Last night my friends took me for a movie at a cinema hall in Ambience mall. They went on saying we are going to Directors cut and honestly I had no idea what they were talking about. So I went and we got tickets. And right then I could see what all the fuss was about.

When you enter there is a coffee shop and book store pretty much like an Airport lounge. In the bookstore you can browse through a collection of books, DVD’s and can also purchase a bunch of Memorabilia. If the lounge looks like the first class airport lounge, the theatre looks no less than the business class section of an airplane. Complete with reclined chairs, blankets and a personal call button. The menu inside the auditorium has everything from the usual popcorn, nachos and cold drinks, to pizzas, burgers, Shawarmas, salads, Sandwiches, Spring rolls and even Vada Pav. To end the meal you can also have dessert like Tiramisu, cheese cake and brownie. But this is just the in Auditorium experience.

Once you step out from the movie you can also have dinner at their restaurant which was under renovation when I went but apparently has over 120 different cover restaurant dishes and a buffet serving a seven course meal. If you don’t have time to stay back and enjoy a meal they also have a cafe which is to grab a dessert and quick cup of coffee.

Besides regular movies, two shows a day are from great directors over the years.
Price: Rs.850 onwards  (depending on the movie, show time and the section. Morning shows are priced at less)

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