Beauty Ritual: The Claridges Spa, Surajkund

TREATMENT: Aromatherapy, 50mins, Rs.2,950
LOCATION: The Claridges Spa, Claridges Hotel, Surajkund

After my first few days in Delhi I started feeling physically and emotionally drained. I have been away really long and lots has piled up. When I got a chance to review The Claridges Spa I was more than excited to take it up.Sprawled over 15,500 sq ft, The Claridges Spa embodies the essence of the historic Surajkund, in its neighbourhood. The name is reflective of the two primal energies of life – fire and water. The concept and design are inspired by ancient Indian Baoli (reservoir). The main room leading to the therapy rooms showcases this concept, with a gold sculpture representing the sun directly over a body of water inspired by Surajkund.The over all colour scheme is neutral and subtle with about 10 therapy rooms including a 770 square feet,couple suite which allows a combination of treatments for couples and is the perfect getaway for a “time for two”. These traditional techniques overcome stress and promote serenity with the use of natural remedies and enriching oils.The lifestyle boutique perfectly complements the spa,the boutique offers exclusive products like international skin and body care products, lifestyle items like candles, tea, lounge wear, bathroom amenities & toiletries, books and music.The Spa cuisine & Juice bar offers a selection of freshly squeezed juices. The menu is based on the goodness of fresh & healthy ingredients.

The treatment I was getting today was Aromatherapy. As my therapist Sangtei explained to me this treatment done with Aroma oils is very rejuvenating and relaxing perfect to de-stress. The focus is mainly on the back and face pressure points using Aroma oils. Keeping to the Fire and Water elements I began my treatment with a shower and a 10 minute steam, which is wet heating which helps to open pores. After which I was encouraged to apply ice from the ice-fountain outside the steam room on my face so it can shut the pores and ice is supposed to be good for giving my face a glow. Post this I went in for a 5 min Sauna which is dry heating.

We then move into the treatment room, where I am encouraged to test 3 different aromas to choose which one I want to use. All products used are from Aromatherapy association a UK-based brand and I end up selecting Renew Rose. She asks me if I have any problem areas and I decline but ask her not too massage to gently. I like a bit of pressure. I then lay on my stomach while my therapist gently massages and kneads at the muscles on my back. There is a pleasant music playing in the backdrop and I can slowly feel the tensions of the past few days melt away. In this manner each area of my body is individually massaged and the knots are eased away. Finally she moves on to my face where she presses on the pressure points on my face which I did not know existed or could help calm me down so much, ending with a head massage. Sangtei, after completing my 50 min massage tells me to leave the oil on my body for atleast 2 hours so it can get soaked up into my body and I can feel its benefits for a few days.

Like she said the oil genuinely worked and I could feel my skin supple and light for close to 36 hours after my treatment. I can’t wait to go back there to try their signature  ‘Surajkund Ritual’,  which combines cleansing body scrub, advanced four-hand synchronized massage and the healing properties of hot stones.

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