Style Picks of the Week

After a while and back on popular demand I am bringing back the style pciks of the week section. The idea is really simple, among the tons of products that are mailed to me each week I select a few which I feel are the strongest products. Incase you are upcoming product or interior designers do send me your stuff I will put them up.

1.Tea cup and Saucer, Debenhams
2.Bohemian Rug, Cocoon fine rugs
3.Cherub Collection towel rack, Sherle Wagner
4.Arm Chair, Chizzle
5.Chubby Stick Lip Balm, Clinique
6.Assorted small books, Eco Corner
7.Felt Rose Pouffe, Address Home
8.Nina Ricci,
9.Padmasana Ganesh, Lladro
10.St. Tropez Basket bed, Kelebec

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