Style Picks of the Week

What is a good design? This is a question that crosses every design students mind. In the most simple way it would be something which is practical yet aesthetically appealing. But if we delve deeper into that, something aesthetically appealing to you may just not appeal to me one bit and vice-versa. And just cause something is not practical does not mean we will not purchase it if we like it. I think it comes down to our personalities and lifestyle. Which is also something I constantly tell people when they ask for my opinion on something for their houses, ultimately it is your home, you have to live in it, I can only suggest but I definitely cannot enforce my choices. Here my idea is to showcase a variety of products and reviews to help you choose what you like. And I sincerely thank you for taking time out to go through my site and also leave me your feedback. If you like any products or have designed any and want them showcased please mail me the details. Till then enjoy this weeks pick and stay stylish!

1. Bed, Christopher Guy at International Furniture Brands 2.Prism Mirror, Address Home 3.Amaryllis Rose, Daum 4.Earring, Forever Mark 5.Vase, Maitland Smith 6.Rug, Obsessions Xclusif 7.Arctic Glass, Heineken 8.Dellaria, Swarovski 9.Labyrinth,Qboid Design House 10.Vintage 2003, Dom Perignon

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