Mango Mania

It’s that time of the year again, the time when the most amazing fruit in the world is available to us, I am talking about Mango season. So though I am a complete winter/spring baby. I mean I hate summers, the most exciting thing for me even while growing up was the availability of Mangoes in this season. They start somewhere around March and go on till July and then don’t come back for a whole year. Which was very tragic as a child, cause they are the yummiest fruit on earth. And the best thing about them is that Mangoes and ice-cream is an absolutely viable dessert you can serve at a party. Anyway, besides just having them as a fruit, you can have Mango milkshakes, Mango Cocktails even have proper sweet dishes made from this amazing fruit. So I got in touch with Kunal  Pawar, Bar Manager – Capiz Bar and Pool Bar & Grill, Grand Hyatt Goa and Chef Nicole Illa, Pastry Chef, Grand Hyatt Goa to share a few delis recipes for us to try at home. So go ahead do try these and tell me how your next soiree goes.

Mango Lassi

  • Fresh mango                 Half
  • Mango Yoghurt             1 Packet
  • Mango Puree                120 ml
  • Sugar syrup                  45 ml
  • Milk                              100 ml

Preparation Method:
Blend together all the ingredients along with 6 cubes of ice. Serve in highball glass, garnish with mango wedge.

Mango Ice tea

  • Mango Puree                60 ml
  • Mango Juice                 60 ml
  • Tea decoction               250 ml
  • Sugar Syrup                  60 ml

Preparation Method:
Fill Pilsner with ice, pour in sugar syrup, mix well mango puree and mango juice in cocktail shaker. Pour slowly in the glass so as it floats on sugar syrup. Slowly pour tea. Serve garnished with mint sprig.

Mango & Basil Caprioska

  • Fresh Mango                 Half
  • Mango puree                 60 ml
  • Smirnoff Vodka                        60 ml
  • Lime juice                     15 ml
  • Sugar Syrup                  20 ml
  • Fresh Basil                    3 leaves

Preparation Method :
Muddle mango cubes in a cocktail shaker. Tear and add basil leaves to the shaker. Add rest of the ingredients, 8 cubes of ice, shake well. Serve in an old fashioned glass, garnish with basil leaf.

Mango Pastel de Nata

  • Milk 4,5%                      400 ml
  • Mango puree                 225 gram
  • Flour Cake                    50 gram
  • Sugar                           250 gram
  • Egg Yolk                      100 gram
  • Vanilla essence              10ml
  • Salt                              15 gram
  • Fresh mango chunks     250 gram
  • Puff Pastry Dough

Preparation Method :
Line the tart shell with puff Pastry Dough and place into the chiller. Mix all ingredients together and strain. Fill the mixture into the prepared tart shells. Bake tart 230C in a convection Bakery oven until the top turns brown on some spots and the base is baked.

Mango Tart

  • Egg yolk                       80 gram
  • Castor sugar                 160 gram
  • Flour(maida)                  225 gram
  • Baking powder              8 gram
  • Salt cooking                 2 gram
  • Butter unsalted             160 gram
  • Mango fresh                 160 gram

Preparation Method :
Beat the yolks with the sugar until light. Add the soft butter into the egg yolk mixture. Last add the flour sift together with the baking powder. Place the dough onto cling film, wrap and place into the refrigerator for some time to harden the dough. Roll the dough quickly with little flour, cut to desired shape. Bake at 160 degree for 15 mins. Apply pastry cream on top of tart base and arrange fresh mango.

Ginger Mango Chocolate Cake

For Mango mousse:

  • Cream whipping 30 %                300 ml
  • Mango fresh                             225 gram
  • Sugar                                       175 gram
  • Gelatin leaves (8 sheets)            24 gram
  • Lemon juice                              8 ml
  • Egg yolk                                   60 gram

For Mango ginger jelly:      

  • Mango puree                              500 gram
  • Sugar                                       50 gram
  • Fresh                                        50 gram
  • Agar-agar                                  14 gram

For Chocolate sponge: 

  •  Egg whole                               240 gram
  • Sugar                                      150 gram
  • Flour(maida)                             90 gram
  • Vanilla essence                         5 ml
  • Salt cooking                             1 gram
  • Coca powder                            36 gram
  • Butter unsalted                          62 gram
  • Chocolate dark 53%                  25 gram

For Chocolate ganache:

  • Chocolate dark 53%                  250 gram
  • Cream whipping 30 %                250 ml

Preparation Method:
For Mango mousse: Cut mangoes into half, remove the skin and stone and make into a puree. Soak gelatin in cold water (add ice cubes). Bring puree and sugar to boil. Then remove from the heat and mix egg yolk and add the soaked gelatin, lemon juice and mix well. Fold in the whipped cream.

For Mango ginger jelly: Boil puree, sugar and fresh ginger. Add agar-agar in to mixture. Pour the mixture in the frame and let it set into freezer.

For Chocolate sponge: Sift flour and cocoa powder together. Whisk egg whole, sugar and salt up together. Add the vanilla essence. Fold the sift flour carefully into the egg mixture. Weigh 1000 gm for a normal sponge and 1200gm for a thick sponge onto a baking tray 40 x 60 cm lined with baking paper. Spread the mixture evenly onto the tray. Bake at 200 degree centigrade for 10-12 mins.

For Chocolate ganache: Boil the cream and add chocolate, leave mixture for 5 mins. And mix well.

For assembling cake: First, layer chocolate sponge in the frame, followed by chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, mango ginger jelly, mango mousse, chocolate sponge then mango mousse. Then keep in the freezer overnight. Pour mango glaze on top the cake and garnish with some fresh mango and chocolate garnish.

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