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Our resident Garden expert is back to answer a few more queries for your gardening woes.Veena Nanda of Sunshine Gardens boutique  is back to answer a few of our queries. Sunshine’s Garden Boutique is not just a retail set up for all your gardening needs but also assists you in designing and landscaping your gardens. They offer awesome garden accessories from around the world, giving you the ability to conceptualize a picture perfect garden full of artefacts and accessories. They also conduct Bonsai workshops for those interested. So here are a few questions they answered for us. Do send me more queries and we can request Veena to answer those as well.

Q.I am a little against chemical fertilizers for my garden. Can you suggest any alternative?
Powdered Eggshell Fertilizer: Next time you use an egg, don’t throw away the shell. Eggshells provide a rich source of potassium and calcium, and eggshells are fantastic when used in homemade fertilizer. Making powdered eggshell fertilizer is simple. Dry out empty eggshells, and crush them into powder. Work approximately five crushed eggshells into the soil around every plant. Outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables will benefit greatly from this homemade fertilizer.
Liquid Eggshell Fertilizer: If you’d rather feed your plants with homemade liquid fertilizer, make a batch with empty eggshells. Simply boil twenty eggshells in a gallon of water for several minutes. Allow the eggshells to steep for eight hours before removing the shells. Store the homemade liquid fertilizer in a covered container, and apply an adequate amount to outdoor plants, fruits, and vegetables once each week. Milk fertilizer: Milk is said to do a body good, and milk is also good for plants. Milk contains the nitrogen-building protein that plants require. Give your plants a healthy dose of nutrient-rich milk by mixing one part milk and four parts water. Feed plants approximately one cup of this homemade fertilizer once a week for best results.

Q.Someone gifted me a few Bonsai’s can you tell me how to maintain them?
If they are in good shape and size just keep them pruned and maintain the same height. You may cut away some new branches which appear if they are spoiling the look of the bonsai. Make sure you get yourself a good liquid fertilizer and feed you bonsais every 15days with a mild dose, milder than what is instructed on the bottle. Water them daily, make sure they are not in too much of bright sun, especially western sun. Always water you plants during the early morning hours before the sun is out at its peak. If your Bonsai looks dull inspite of the right care, it might be time for repotting or changing the soil. Get it done from a Bonsai expert if you are not sure about how to go about it.

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