Style picks of the Week

The last 10 days happened to have been very emotionally draining. Work has been frustrating, the heat is rising and mostly I had my heartbroken by a friend. Someone I thought I could trust turned out well not so trust-worthy. So guess what I did the past few days, I spent them doing things I love the most. Those included meeting up with old friends, having a crazy girls night out, spending time with my 10 month old nephew (so theaurapatic), went for long walks along the beach, spent time in the garden.planned a holiday, read alot of Terry Pratchet, went to a Spa and ate tons of ice-cream. Guess what? it actually helped. I feel a lot better and even though I am still a bit hurt but I guess it’s all in the process called learning. So anyway here are my style picks of the week, hope you like them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Style picks of the Week

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