Magic of France continues

Since we were talking of French interiors and Style a few days back, it is only logical that we continue the topic by incuding a bit of French arts and Crafts. This comes to us in the form of project Fort Royal. The Fort Royal project is a way in which the most respected craftsmen in the world can express themselves.It offers enthusiasts and experts – individuals, architects, interior decorators or institutions – unique access to exceptional works of craftsmanship.

In today’s economic climate, where competition for low-cost production has brought about an outburst of outsourcing and counterfeiting, French expertise and excellence are greatly under threat. As a consequence, a large number of companies in this field are finding themselves in difficulty. Access to the markets would ensure their continuity, but these companies lack the means to enter into these markets and the procedures to transmit their knowledge, due to a shortage of qualified and attentive business buyers.As such, certain gems from our arts and crafts are disappearing.The Fort Royal project aims to maintain and preserve these gems of French creativity. It allows them to exist and to expand by enhancing their management, by introducing them into a number of new outlets and by training new skilled workers and craftsmen. All this is necessary in order to continue to be able to offer the genuine quality of the original rather than the copy.

Fort Royal is committed to fulfilling high expectations, to authenticity and to innvation combined with tradition. It promotes the use of the finest materials crafted with perfect traditional techniques in order to produce durable, timeless works.With so many gems of French heritage to preserve, to bring forward into modernity and to showcase worldwide, Fort Royal aims to unite the commercial and management resources of craftsmen in order to enhance their savoir-faire. Together, it is possible to uphold this excellence on French soil, whilst also branching out to towards new international horizons.

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