Style Picks of the week

So each week my task of choosing these products is going from difficult toimpossible,there are just so many brilliant products and designers I seem to be stuck week after week to pick the best. In a way it makes me feel really proud, cause almost 5 years back when I had started styling we had difficulty picking up products but that was for absoultely different reasons i.e. it was almost impossible to find something new and different. So it seemed month after month when I sourced the products looked the same,they had no character and you definitely could not say which product was from which store as they all could be from anywhere. Anyway, since I was quite unwell this past week the one thing that cheers me up is lots of happy bright colors. So most of my selection for this week is just that, Bright, happy coloured products. So go ahead, indulge in a few of these and Stay Stylish!

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