Divine Scotch- Dalmore 40

Most scotch drinkers will agree there is nothing better than sitting on a plesant evening sipping on some great scotch, whilst listening to some great music or sharing stories. The Dalmore 40 scotch was distilled in the year 1966 and since then it has been matured in the nut-brown Matusalem sherry butts themselves for over 30 years old. This rich, subtle scotch started life in the stills of Dalmore distillery,near the North Sea coastline of Cromarty Firth. Throughout the process not a drop of water has been added, instead, the 40 year-old Dalmore has, during its maturation, taken liquid from the pores of the old sherry wood.And the taste? Think chocolate-heavy fruitcake with notes of orange peel andcrushed almonds. Absolutely Divine!

Only 500 bottles embellished with delicate hand cutting and adorned with the iconic stag are available worldwide. So go ahead get one for that special occasion or as a gift for that someone special. Price: 1,500 pounds per bottle,

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