10 oldest countries in the world, one of them since 6000 BC.

Human civilization in the form of a country was born because of a long historical event. Before knowing the state system, humans lived in groups. The goal is to protect each other from the dangers that threaten.

Along with the development of technology and science, humans then formed countries with various systems of government. The formation of the countries that exist today is not synchronous.

Some are born earlier, but some are just formed recently. So which countries are included in the group of oldest countries in the world? Check out the full explanation below.

Order of the oldest countries in the world

Over the past few thousand years, many countries have come and gone for various reasons. Some of these countries are even called the oldest countries in the world. This can be seen from the discovery of remnants of civilizations in the past.

In Oldest.org It is stated that there are at least 10 countries which are included in the list of oldest countries in the world. Here is the full explanation.

1. Egypt (6000 BC)

Based on the existing historical heritage, Egypt is known as the oldest country in the world. This country is known to have had an ancient civilization in 6000 BC. During this period, Upper and Lower Egypt were united and ruled by King Menes.

In fact, “Menes” is actually the name of the founder. Historians believe that the founder of Egypt was a ruler named Narmer.

2. India (3300 BC)

Besides Egypt, another country that already has a BC civilization is India. Mainland India is known to have been inhabited since 3300 BC. At that time it was known as the Vedic period. Meanwhile, modern India was born in 1947 after the country gained independence from the British Empire,

3. Afghanistan (3000 BC)

Afghanistan is also included in the list of oldest countries in the world. This country has been inhabited since 3000 BC. The first man to build the world’s first city was Mundi Gak, near present-day Kandahar. Archaeologists have also discovered civilizations in the Indus Valley, a region of Afghanistan.

4. China (2070 BC)

Currently, China is one of the largest countries in the world. But who would have thought that civilization in China has existed since 2070 BC. In the past, this country was in the form of a kingdom. It is known that the Qing dynasty was the last dynasty to collapse in 1912. After that, China became a republic.

5. Georgia (1500 BC)

Georgia is a country in Eastern Europe. According to history, the Kingdom of Colchis and the Kingdom of Karlti/Iberian reside in this country. In 1500 BC, the two kingdoms entered the Bronze Age. Not only that, the work of Colchis is often mentioned in Greek mythology.

6. Ethiopia (980 BC)

The second oldest country in the world is Ethiopia. The first known government of this country was formed around 980 BC. Meanwhile, the history of this country dates back to 10-5 BC as the ancient kingdom of D’Mt was in the area that is currently north of the territorial territory of Ethiopia.

7. Greece (800 BC)

When we study history, we can often find the history of Greek civilization. This country has indeed had a civilization since 800 BC, so it is natural that the story is then often heard in the history of human development.

Greek civilization took place in the archaic period. In this period, Greek society made many advances in the fields of art, technology, until the discovery of the concept of the city-state and democracy.

8. Japan (660 BC)

Japan is also one of the oldest countries in the world. This country has existed since 660 BC. AD, which refers to Emperor Jimmu. It should be noted that Emperor Jimmu is a popular and legendary figure as he is considered a descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu and is listed as the first emperor of Japan.

9. Iran (550 BC)

The next oldest country in the world is Iran. In the past, this country was known as Persia. This country was founded around 550 BC. But according to history, long before that, Iranian civilization was started by several groups. One of them is the Elamite group that settled in the west and southwest.

10. San Marino (301 AD)

San Marino is the tenth oldest state. This country was officially founded on September 3, 201 AD, when Saint Marino built the church on Monte Titano. The church then developed in the city of San Marino.

These are the ten oldest countries in the world. The establishment of these countries proves that human civilization was not built in a short time, but over millions of years.

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